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Maroma - Their refinement and subtlety will be revealed to the sensitive and the “scentual” of this world.



Maroma Natural Oils & Blends - 18 Pack Full Display Stand


This is a bulk buy for our Retail shop partners.

FREE wooden display stand when purchasing 18 packs of oils.

PLUS 10% Bulk Discount for full stands.

18 Natural Oil & Blends Wooden Display Stand

- 18 packs of Assorted Oils & Blends
- 10% Discount + Free Stand

* The stand holds 3 packets of oils in a row and 6 across.
* Choose your own fragrances for a total of 18. We currently have 6 oils and 6 blends.
* Feel free to choose a selection for a total of 18 or more, for your discount and rotation of products.
* Put a note in the notes section of your order, or by email ... OR we can provide a best selling selection for you.

Development Pictures: Better pictures coming soon.

Stand: Plywood
Fair Trade India