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Maroma - Their refinement and subtlety will be revealed to the sensitive and the “scentual” of this world.



Maroma Encens d'Auroville - 8 or 14 Pack Full Display Stands


This is a bulk buy for our Retail shop partners.

FREE wooden display stand when purchasing 10 each of 8 or 14 fragrances.

PLUS 10% Bulk Discount for full stands.

OPTION 1: 8 Fragrance Wooden Display Stand

- 10 packs each of 8 fragrances
- 80 packets of incense total
- choose your own fragrances or we can provide a selection for you
- 10% Discount + Free Stand

OPTION 2: 14 Fragrance Wooden Display Stand (Shown in Picture)

- 10 packs each of 14 fragrances
- 140 packets of incense total
- all 14 fragrances
- 10% Discount + Free Stand


Stand: Plywood
Fair Trade India

Maroma Incense Stands