Sari Fabric Gift Wraps - Pack of 6, Assorted

Matr Boomie

SEBF 528

Fabric Wrap was used in Asia for centuries as an elegant custom, transforming a gift into an exceptional keepsake.

This pack of six eco-chic wraps are handcrafted from upcycled Indian saris. There are multiple stickytape-free ways to wrap with these 85cm squares, and the upcycled nature of this product means no two squares are alike.

The beautiful nature of Indian textiles may even leave you inspired to accessorize with the squares as scarves, or bandanas! 

For a basic wrap: Open fabric in diamond shape on flat surface. Place gift in center. Tie opposite sides in double knots. Fabric will conform tightly as knots form a bow.

Sari Wrap description

Further information can be found on Matr Boomie's website.

Fair Trade India
L=85cm H=85cm

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