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TEST2 - Alpaca Woven Scarf - Hand-woven, Hand-spun in Peru

All our alpaca products are 100% Pure Alpaca Fine Hair. Hand spun and hand woven in Peru, the colours are the natural tone of the alpaca - no dyes used.

Woven by artisans from a Fair Trade community near Juliaca, Peru.  Alpaca has long been considered among the finest of fibres. Indeed, the Incas called it the 'fibre of the gods'.

100% natural, hand (drop) spun and hand woven, these beautiful soft items will keep you fashionable, ethical, all natural as well as snuggly and warm.

As white alpaca fibre is easily dyed, the natural colour variations of Alpacas were being bred out. In order to protect and maintain coloured alpaca stock, our Fair Trade partners undertook the development project of preserving the natural coloured alpaca.

Colour Variations
L=160 x W=30cm
Fair Trade Peru