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Kubu Rattan Storage Basket, Trapezoid

Trapezoid shaped unique rattan basket, artisan woven, sturdy and stylish will hold a houseful of laundry or other items. Light but sturdy with strength.

Kubu is a technique where the harvested rattan is submerged in a pond of mud and leaves for about four weeks - before weaving the baskets. It is a natural treatment against woodworm and other bugs and the rattan changes colour to an earthy pale grey.

We use about 10 of these in our warehouse - great for storing flexible objects (rope, twine, fabric - sportsballs etc.). Awesome for sheds and garages too.


At top: 50x50cm
100% Rattan
Fair Trade Indonesia

NOTE: This item is only available as a wholesale item to RETAIL SHOPS with an Australian Business Number (ABN). It is not available for personal shoppers. Please contact us if you need further information.

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