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Kaisa Natural Storage Baskets - Set of 2

These two all natural kaisa baskets are made by our artisans from the northern region of Bangladesh - Rangpur.

Kaisa is a wild grass that is widely used in Bangladeshi basket-making.

A sustainable fibre, kaisa grows along the riverbanks in Bangladesh. When kaisa dries, it changes color from natural light green to a pale tan which you will see shades of through the weave. It is widely used in Bangladesh but availability in Australia is limited.

Large Basket: Dia=38 H=56cm; RRP=$60
Small Basket:  Dia=24 H=30cm; RRP=$30

100% Kaisa with jute binding.
Fair Trade Bangladesh

NOTE: This item is only available as a wholesale item to RETAIL SHOPS with an Australian Business Number (ABN). It is not available for personal shoppers. Please contact us if you need further information.