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Kaisa Boat Baskets - Set of 3

What the heck are these?

Kaisa boat baskets are unique and can be used on shelves, in the middle of a table or anywhere you need an open narrow table basket. Throw your stuff in for easy access and display.

Kaisa is a wild grass that is used in Bangladeshi basket-making.

A sustainable fibre, kaisa grows along the riverbanks in Bangladesh. When kaisa dries, it changes color from natural light green to a pale tan. It is widely used in Bangladesh but availability in Australia is limited.

Our Fair Trade artisans bunch the kaisa strands and coil the strands on top of each other - to make the basket. As the coils are made, they are bound together with natural jute twine.

Our artisans are from the northern region of Bangladesh - Rangpur (link to map). The purchase of these baskets provides a sustainable and reliable source of income to support their families and communities.

Large Basket: W=74 D=44 H=20cm; RRP=$40
Medium Basket: W=70 D=39 H=15cm; RRP=$30
Small Basket:  W=64 D=34 H=14cm; RRP=$25

100% Kaisa with Jute binding.
Fair Trade Bangladesh

NOTE: This item is only available as a wholesale item to RETAIL SHOPS with an Australian Business Number (ABN). It is not available for personal shoppers. Please contact us if you need further information.