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Maroma - Their refinement and subtlety will be revealed to the sensitive and the “scentual” of this world.


AV013 Khaki

Hemp Waist or Hip Bag

This classic around the waist bag you will find many names: fanny, hip, or waist, they all do the same job - close to the body, easy access to valuables and can be hidden under clothes.

Made from an eco-friendly blend of 55% organic hemp and 45% cotton, the Crossover features various pockets on the front and rear of the bag. Allowing you to keep all your essentials organised and close at hand. 

There’s a carabiner clip inside for you to attach your keys and a hidden secret pocket inside for valuable and personal items.

The adjustable strap means that you can wear the Crossover at the front or back of your body to suit your chosen style.

  • Carabiner clip for keys
  • 3 pockets on exterior & main pocket
  • Adjustable strap


W=22 H=12 D=8cm
55% Hemp, 45% Organic Cotton
Made in China