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Maroma - Their refinement and subtlety will be revealed to the sensitive and the “scentual” of this world.

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UNO-005 (2839)

Tall Narrow Jute Basket with Handles, Natural Hatched Weave

Our handwoven "hatched" pattern makes these beautiful baskets ideal for storage or as plant covers.

This is the smaller of the two tall baskets. It is our second tallest, but it is smaller in diameter making it a useful basket for smaller spaces. The larger of the two tall baskets can be found here.

Naturally golden tones of 100% jute enhance any plant. Braided "hoops" attached to the bottom and top edges make this basket stronger and more stable, as do the braids sewn on opposite sides.

Great for storage. Also plants.


100% Jute, Cotton Thread

Dia=34cm H=48cm

Fair Trade Bangladesh