Creating Opportunities for Economic Disadvantaged Producers

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People often asking me - what is Fair Trade?  It has taken me many years to really understand this notion, because it just does not have one meaning. The most common perception simply put by people is "oh, it means people are paid fairly".

This is right. But Fair Trade is a lot more and the depth of the topic, its meaning and actions, has led me to the 10 years of working in the "Fair Trade industry".

I thing the most authoritative explanation, as a summary, is the World Fair Trade Organization's document on their webpage - 10 Principles of Fair Trade .

We have produced a summary PDF also for you to look at.

The first Principle is - Creating Opportunities for Economic Disadvantaged Producers. If you read that statement several times, you can start to absorb an essence of what Fair Go Trading does.

How do we do that we will follow up in future blogs.




Robert Roberts
Robert Roberts