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Western Australia Fair Trade Collective - Photo & Info Gallery

Western Australia Fair Trade Collective - Photo & Info Gallery

The Western Australia Fair Trade Collective (WAFTC) are a group of organizations, community members, retailers and wholesalers that actively promote Fair Trade in Western Australia (WA).  Currently in our 14th year, we are volunteers that aim to:

-      Raise awareness of Fair Trade with WA consumers

-      Promote WA Businesses dealing with Fair Trade products

-      Connect WA Fair Trade consumers with WA Fair Trade businesses

-      Provide a forum for discussion and development of Fair Trade in WA and

-      Keep the WA Fair Trade community up to date with all things Fair Trade

The past 14 years we have produced many promotional and fund raising events whilst having much fun too. The photo and info gallery below capture what the Fair Trade Collective does - take a look and join us.

Fair Go Trading has been active with the group since its inception. All photos here have been contributed by Collective members - if anyone would like to add to it or would like changes to the gallery, please let us know.

If you are interested in joining the group or would like more info, please contact the WAFTC: