Fair Go Trading distributes the full range of Earth Greetings in Western Australia

West Australia Fair Trade Collective

Western Australia Fair Trade Collective

FAIR GO TRADING is a Member of the Western Australia Fair Trade Collective - WAFTC.

"The Western Australia Fair Trade Collective's primary purpose is to improve the lives of producers in developing countries by advocating for Fair Trade. We do this through education, storytelling and creating public events.

This allows us to gain community connection and demonstrate solidarity with local  partners. We are passionate community members, retailers and wholesalers who actively promote Fair Trade in the West. We provide a forum for development of Fair Trade in WA and keep the WA Fair Trade community up to date with all things Fair Trade.

We strive to see a reduction in global poverty and drive social impact by growing the market for Fair Trade products through advocacy. By telling the story of producers, we educate consumers about the impact of their purchases. Our Fair Trade choices preserve cultural traditions and artisan skills.

The WAFTC is guided by the International Fair Trade Charter and the Ten Principles of Fair Trade. We are connected to the Fair Trade Movement through national and international Fair Trade organizations"

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