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Bangladesh Jute artisans - Brading Jute

Jute Braid

Braided jute is most often use to make jute baskets - the braids are coiled or strung in various patterns and sewn together. Jute fibre comes from the stem and the outer skin (also called the ribbon) part of the jute plant.

Our Fair Trade artisan group (pictured above) is located just out of Dhaka, Bangladesh. Here they are making the braid, in this case to be used for baskets. The braid can also be used for a variety of other craft projects and is great as a simple rope.

Processing to make the fibre includes retting and stripping, drying and other processes as required. The gathered jute fibre is twisted to form a single braid (or strand or ply), then the braids are braided to a required thickness.

Our jute braid hanks are 10 metres long and at  .5cm, 1cm or 2cm thickness. We sell them here and we hope you like to try them out?.

Jute Fibres
Jute Braid

The gathered fibre is twisted to form a single braid, then the braids are braided to a required thickness.

The fibers are off-white to brown, sometimes golden and 1–4 metres long. Jute like most plants can have good and bad seasons, with regional variations. This effects the quality and colour of the jute.

The braided hanks are useful to gardeners, crafters, decorators and for general projects around the home.