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Fair Trade Articles, Videos, Audio and Facts + Opinions, Controversies

Fair Trade Articles, Videos, Audio and Facts + Opinions, Controversies

Videos About Fair Trade and Fairtrade, Ethical Fashion

Fair Trade - A system that uses 2 words, Fair Trade. Most interactions concern craft.

·      World Fair Trade Organisation: The International Fair Trade Charter offers a general explanation of the shared vision and values of the Global Fair Trade movement. 4.5mins:

·      Free Trade Vs Fair Trade: It is all too often a slip of the tongue that Fair Trade gets confused with Free Trade but the two systems could not be more different. This short documentary explains why Free Trade has caused destabilising poverty in developing nations and what Fair Trade is doing to correct these injustices. 6mins:

·      Fair Trade Chocolate: Learn where chocolate comes from and why Fair Trade chocolate is different to conventional chocolate. 2mins:  

·      Fair Trade USA: Fair Trade explained in under 2 minutes:

·      Fairtrade Towns: What is a Fairtrade Town? Just a few of the faces behind this rapidly growing grassroots movement explain how it started, what it's all about, what Fairtrade Towns achieve and how anyone, anywhere can be part of it. 11.5mins:


Fairtrade - A second system that uses one word, Fairtrade. Most interactions concern tea, coffee, cotton.

·      Fairtrade Matters: An evocative and thought-provoking short film offering a glimpse into the lives of two workers at the heart of Fairtrade. 13mins:

·      How does Fairtrade work? Fairtrade Labelling Organisation uses the coffee supply chain as an example of how the Fairtrade system works: 3.5mins

·      How are footballs made? And what do footballs have to do with Fairtrade? To find out, we go to Sialkot in northern Pakistan to see the production process first-hand.


Ethical Fashion

·      Who Made My Clothes? Millions of people make our clothes. Too many live in poverty, exploitation or danger. We can change that. Join the #FashionRevolution and demand a fair, safe and more transparent industry.  1.5mins:

·      The 2 Euro T shirt – A Social Experiment. 1.5mins:

·      The Child labour Experiment:Children carry out a field test into the use of child labour in the fashion industry. 2 mins:

·      Fair Trade: Behind the Seams, Patagonia:Global surf activist Dave Rastovich travels to Sri Lanka to visit garment factories. 5mins:



Fair Trade General Interest

·      The Paradox of Fair Trade,  Manel Modelo Winter 2014

·      Fair Trade, Chris Woodford 2018

·      Small-scale farmers and climate change: How can farmer organisations and Fairtrade build the adaptive capacity of smallholders? by Jessica Frank and Chris Penrose Buckley (2012)

·      Fairtrade and the Sustainable Development Goals:

·      Food security: how Fairtrade helps level the playing field for small producers, 2017:

·      The Journal of Fair Trade:

·      Fair Trade Certification Investigated,Kate Brownie 2015: 

·      Debating Fairtrade, by Colm Regan 2016:

·      How Fair Trade Went From a Crazy Coffee Concept to a Global Sustainability Trend,Catherine Clifford, 2014:

·      'Additional articles for UN Declaration of Human Rights to back Fair Trade' suggests award winning journalist Palagummi Sainath, 2015:

·      Buying Fair Trade? There Are Better Ways to Help the Poor?Larissa Rowe, 2017

Podcast - How fair is fair trade? 2017, 20 mins.

Ethical Fashion:

·      What is Fair Trade? And Why Does It Matter for Fashion? By  Lindsay Shiffhauer, 2017

·      The State of Fashion Report 2019,Business of Fashion:

·       Is Fair Trade Enough? Fashion Revolution, 2014:

·       H&M: Can fast fashion and sustainability ever really mix? by Oliver Balch

·       Sustainable and Ethical Fashion: The Environmental and Morality Issues, Najmul Kadir Kaikobad, Md. Zafar Alam Bhuiyan, Helena Nazneen Zobaida, Afroza Huq Daizy, 2015.

·      Sustainable and Ethical Practices for the Fast Fashion Industry,Jennifer Back 2017:



·      Fair Trade and Organic Agriculture in Developing Countries: A Review (2013) by Priyanka Parvathi and Hermann Waibe

·      The Economics of Fair Trade, 2014 Raluca Dragusanu, Daniele Giovannucci and Nathan Nunn